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Sometimes "individuals" cannot afford to buy or be offered via existing employment plans health policies that include a wide array of coverage options. 

Supplemental Insurance provides "additional" coverage for your specific needs. Insurance Advisors will help you find the very best supplemental insurance policies for your needs. 

Disability Insurance -  What would happen if an accident or an illness prevented your from working? Disability insurance will protect your earning power by providing monthly disability income benefit. It's one thing to have coverage for medical bills and another to pay your expenses while not being able to work! You need both and I can help you know how much you need!
Catastrophic Coverage - These policies are intended to pay for major hospital and medical expenses, not any type of routine visit to the doctor's office or trips to the ER. A catastrophic plan would cover treatment in an intensive-care unit after an accident or complications from a pregnancy that cause you to land in the hospitals. Necessary for those incidents that change one's life in an instant.  At least know that your medical care will be covered and that you can go after the best care there is.
Dental Insurance - If you are a healthy person, dental insurance may cost more than the cost of the insurance. However if you are not healthy or have a dental history, you may want to buy some variation of dental insurance. Most Americans are having cavities filled, root canals performed, and crowns added. The cost of periodontal work and/or tooth extraction can be extremely expensive.
Life Insurance
When do you need life insurance? The answer depends on whether you have dependents, i.e. children, a spouse, or other people who depend upon you for financial support. If you do and you want to protect their financial health after you die, the answer is yes. If you don't, life insurance is an unnecessary expense. There are 3 primary types of life insurance:
1. Term Life
This is life insurance that will pay only if you die within a pre-chosen term of years. It has no cash value and is the least expensive type of life insurance. It is often bought because it is inexpensive and allows some coverage in the event of death, but also lets people invest the cost savings in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. 
2. Universal Life
The most flexible type of life insurance. You may actually decide how much to pay into it each year, although the insurer will suggest a target premium which is the amount you would have to pay to keep the policy in force until age 100. A portion is used for investments and a cash value is assigned to your policy. No matter how badly the investments might go, you are guaranteed a certain minimal return on the cash portion. If the investments go well, you receive an increase in your cash value. Universal Life operates as a savings plan and as life insurance. You may borrow money from this type of plan. 
3. Whole Life
Whole Life gives death protection for as long as you live. You pay a fixed premium every year based on your age and other factors. As you pay your fixed premium, the policy develops a cash value which you may have if you stop paying premiums. If you die your beneficiary gets a fixed amount. This plan works as a death benefit, a source of income for old age, plus may also be borrowed against


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