Health insurance for children

Child only health coverage is a health plan for a child or children only.

The Affordable Care Act provides guaranteed coverage for children regardless of their pre existing conditions. Your child is eligible all year long however on their birthday month, they cannot be rated an extra amount. If you apply for health coverage any time outside of birthday month, the insurance company may double premium. Once the child’s birthday comes, the premium will go down to normal rates.

If your child was without insurance for 6 mos or more, he/she will have an increase of 20% until birthday month. It’s very important to have continuous coverage for your child.

If a family applies for coverage with children and they have not had previous coverage , the children will be rated 20% higher outside birthday month. The only exception to this is Blue Shield.

Before your child turns one year old, the premiums are  high because the insurance companies experience is  children under one year old experience higher claims than those over one year.

If your family has no previous health coverage and applies to Blue Shield , there will be no additional premium




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