What if I have Aetna individual insurance?

Aetna recently made the announcement that it will no longer offer health coverage in the state of California.
They offer coverage in other states and haven’t made a decision regarding whether they will offer any individual plans nationwide.
What does this mean to those who have “grandfathered coverage”. It means you will lose your grandfathered status, unfortunately.
In October anyone may apply for and receive coverage either in “Covered Ca”or if one is not eligible for subsidies, in a private company such as Blue Cross, Blue Shield or Health Net.
The loss of grandfathered insurance is unfortunate only because the rates will be lower then the new plans available after March of 2010.
The advantage of joining Ca Covered is the subsidies but be aware the CC asks what one’s income is and all information is passed along to the IRS so it’s important all give accurate information.

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