What’s happening with health care reform

In California we have 6 million uninsured residents. This is the largest uninsured market in any state in the country.
It’s going to be a challenge to reach all the uninsured in Ca. Starting this summer there will be a blitz of advertisements and radio announcements.
The state is most anxious to reach the young uninsured men and women because in order for the premiums to stay affordable, it’s important keep low premiums.
Younger people generally have fewer claims.
The subsidies look generous, so many{especially families} will save money.
Since Medicaid has been expanded it’s possible to have a child on the Cal Medicaid and a parent receiving a subsidy.
I recently took an online seminar with “California Covered” and was very impressed with their on line application.
One of the first items one looks at is premium and how it’s established. You will place a certain income within application and then the application will tell you retail cost and cost with subsidy. One will still need an agent to give guidance and tips to those applying. I was surprised to find Blue Shield’s PPO offers only 36% of their network to “California Covered” plans.
Kaiser is one of the most surprising because their premiums are priciest of all the HMO’s.
One of the most important issues will be the availability of Drs. available in each network.
As a health broker, I will be available to help guide you through the process of going through California Covered or a private company.
Kathy Hope

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