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Group Health Insurance Small Business comes in many packaged choices from each of the major providers. Each "choice" includes one or more of the types of plans listed here and detailed below.

Insurance Advisor's role is to first help you identify your company's needs and requirements. We then match the result to the best "packaged" group health insurance options available for you and your employees. We are no top of all plans that will be available via California's ACA health exchange, California Covered, as we as brokers, can also provide these same plans to you. Know you are welcomed to contact us to discuss all options!

Small business health insurance California, although using the same types of plans available to individuals, provides the additional benefits of guaranteed issue of coverage ( no matter what pre-existing conditions exist), tax advantages to the employer and overall lower costs to both employer and employee.
 PPO  - Preferred Provider Organization
This is a network of doctors and hospitals that has agreed to accept a discounted fee for their services from the plan. It just may be the plan for you if you like the freedom of choosing your own doctor and hospital and are willing to pay some of the costs. Some basics include:
You may go to any doctor in the network at any time without a referral, including all specialists. You may go out-of-network "at will" to any top specialist for your serious problems.
A co-pay at doctor's office of $15 - $45. No claim forms or paperwork.  
Prescription coverage is included.      
 HMO - Health Maintenance Organization 
The most controlled type of plan as you must use the HMO's doctors and facilities. Medical care outside the system is not covered.  Some basics include:
Lower out-of-pocket costs. Lower deductibles and plan limits.  
Low cost doctor visit co-pays of $15 - $45.
No paperwork or claim forms.  
  POS - Point Of Service
This plan combines some of the features offered by HMO and PPO plans. A network of providers is included in the plan. If you outside the network only partial coverage is provided and a deductible may apply.  Some basics include:
A primary care physician is selected. 
 Preventive care visits are covered.
  Non-network services cost more.
 HSA - Health Savings Account 
Health savings accounts or HSA's were developed by the government to help provide low cost health insurance for both groups and self-employed persons. HSA's are one of the most favorite California  health insurance plans for those who are self-employed. 
According to the IRA...an HSA is a tax - exempt trust fund or some refer to it as a custodial account. Either way, they are created simply and only for the purpose of paying specified medical expenses of the beneficiary who is at the same time covered under a high deductible health plan (HDHP).
In simpler language, a health savings account (HSA) is like a bank account that works with your health plan. As money is added to your account, you can use it to pay for most health care expenses, as they are included within the HSA as health savings account eligible expenses.
Examples of what might be considered health savings account eligible expenses are the money you may need to pay before your individual health plan begins to make payments - called deductible - or medical expenses not covered by your health plan such as dental, counseling, etc.
If you don't need all of the funds in your (HSA) health savings account, what is left over rolls over to the following year acquiring tax-free interest. No  money is lost. 
HSA accounts belong to each employed or self - employed individual. They are not a plan that would be obtained by an employer ... although employers may add funds to an HSA.
*Note: An individual who contributes an initial $1,000 each year and makes catch-up contributions can accumulate $23,000 after 10 years,  $47,000 after 20 years, $81,000 after 30 years, and $127,000 after 40 years.
 HRA -  Health Reimbursement Arrangement 
A Health Reimbursement Arrangement or HRA is an employer funded account, not pursuant to a salary reduction election, that provides tax-free reimbursement to employees for qualified medical expenses.  The HRA Is Right For Employers:
Are their health priorities on preventive care, prescription coverage or coverage in case of emergencies? Who wishes to establish a bonus contribution for participating in smoking cessation programs.  
Who wants the most control of the plan. Who want flexibility in plan design.  
Who can handle compliance and issues of substantiation. Who wishes to save money and improve employee retention and health.  
Who wants a lower cost plan. Are they already covered under a spouse's policy?  
Insurance Advisors is here to personally meet with you and identify and implement the carrier with the best California group health insurance plan for both you, the employer, and all of your employees.
Companies with employees are now able to offer benefits that are competitive with the larger companies. You can keep great employees and attract new talent to your small business with a group health insurance plan tailored for you.
you have a California business, send us a list of all your employees. We will contact you with our group insurance recommendations. Click Here For Census/Quote Form


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