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Medicare Supplemental Insurance


Are you 65 With Medicare Health Insurance Questions?
Need Supplemental Medigap Insurance?
 Need Coverage Updates? 

Medicare Health Insurance and Medicare Supplemental Coverage Insurance can be very confusing as both come with lots of parts, pieces and options. Without expert guidance you can be caught short on your initial choices and then also find yourself with no way to make changes to those choices until designated periods of times within the calendar year.

Making the right choices for your medical and "budgetary" needs requires expert guidance, honest and well-qualified answers. If you live in California, please contact me at 714-840-0047, or via email or use the "need assistance" form to the right. I welcome both new medicare applicants and those who are in need of updating their existing medicare options.

My goal is to make sure you know and understand all your medicare options and that your transition into medicare is an easy and successful experience.

Right now, with The Affordable Healthcare Act, there is confusion on the future funding of medicare and medicare advantage.  Also know that even though Medicare Advantage can look good when you first turn 65, it might be difficult to ever opt-out and switch into medicare/medigap unless you are prescription free and medically well.  Protect yourself and get the info you need to best take care of yourself. Contact me for guidance! 
Frequently Asked Questions Include:
What makes me eligible? Do I need to apply to get my card?
Is medicare free or is there a fee? If there is a fee, how do I pay?
What coverage is included? What is medigap insurance?
What is supplemental insurance? Are prescriptions covered?
What Is Medicare?

Medicare is the federal government program that gives you health care coverage (health insurance) if you are 65 or older or under 65 and have a disability, no matter what your actual income is. All those  taxes you've paid over the years on your income go towards your Medicare funding..

Upon becoming eligible for medicare, due to turning 65, you may initially enroll within a 7 month span of time that includes the three months before, the month of and the three months following your 65th birthday. Enrollment may be done online or via postal mail. Upon your initial enrollment you will be sent your very own, red, white and blue medicare card as shown below!

Note the two "Parts" .. Part A and Part B printed on the card.  These include the coverage that, upon applying, you are automatically enrolled in for your hospital and medical needs and are often referred to as traditional medicare coverage. 
Part A Hospital InsuranceUsually has been prepaid via payroll taxes over the years. Does not cover 100% of costs when used.
Part B Medical Insurance. Has an associated fee based upon income. It averages $100 to $119 per month.  Does not cover 100% of costs when used. 
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Traditional Medicare health insurance coverage may be combined with supplemental coverage. There are many options available for additional and/or alternate fees.
What Are My Supplemental  Choices?
Medicare has a Part C and Part D that you may apply as "supplemental coverage" to the traditional Part A and Part B coverage.
Part C Medicare Advantage.  
llows you an alternative choice of "switching" out of  traditional medicare" and using a private insurance company Medicare Advantage plan. Usually includes Part D prescription coverage. In order to qualify you must be participating in both Medicare Parts A & B. 
Part D Supplemental Prescription Drug. May be added to your "traditional medicare"  plans. Is used for your prescription drug coverage. 
There are 10 (total)  Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans - also known as Medigap Policies - standardized by the government and provided via private insurance companies:  
A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, N
The most popular supplemental plans are:
Plan F Covers everything!  No out of your  pocket costs! Some companies have deductible options.
Plan G Covers everything, just as you find in Plan F, "except" you must pay Part B deductible.
Plan N Reduces your cost "except" you must pay basic benefit co-pays and and Part B deductible and excess.
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