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Group Health Insurance coverage can be provided by all sizes of businesses, in all stages of growth ... existing or startup. At some point all business owners are confronted with the question of whether or not they should provide a group health insurance plan to their employees.

Group Health Insurance Plans are the same as for individuals but come with some potential advantages for business owners.
  See below to know about a few that might offer some financial benefits to a business owner.
PPO Preferred Provider Organization
HMO Health Maintenance Organization
POS Point of Service
HSA Health Savings Account
HRA Health Reimbursement Arrangement 
Is your business eligible for California group health insurance coverage?
Under California law AB1672, small business employers are guaranteed group health insurance coverage should they choose to purchase it. A "small employer is defined as a business with 2 to 50 employees." If a husband and wife or at lease two people are self employed, they may be eligible to receive group health insurance coverage. 

Contact me to discuss your situation. It can make a huge difference in fees.  I recently had a client who purchased an individual plan and was rated up 75% on his coverage. After speaking with him, I realized he and his spouse have a small  business. Therefore we applied for a group plan and received better rate and a better plan
Below are more frequently asked questions ....
What are the eligibility requirements for group health insurance and do  they vary per health insurance provider? 
Being in business for at least six weeks is an across the board requirement of all health insurance providers.  Employers must pay 50% of employee only premiums.
Companies must have a minimum of 2 actively working participants. Coverage may be obtained with a corporation, a partnership, a business license or a fictitious name statement, quarterly wage report with at least two people listed on the forms.
Each carrier insists that at least 75% of employees participate.
What is involved in applying for a California group health insurance plan?
Applications require a list of participating employees with some degree of medical information on each person plus their dependents. You will also need to list their names, ages, gender and residing zip codes. Since coverage is guaranteed this information is used for the pricing of your policy. In addition to a list of participants, you will need to submit proof of your business status. This includes as appropriate:
       Corporation: Articles of Incorporation (must be filed in the state of California)
OR Statement of Information
                   LLC: Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization
 Sole Proprietor: Fictitious Name Statement  AND / OR Business License
What are the advantages of providing your employees group health insurance coverage?
Attracts & Keeps Employees:
Providing group health insurance coverage is a benefit in attracting and retaining employees.
  Tax Deductions For Employers & Employees:
Employees can set aside money to be used as tax free funds from their pay checks. These funds are for the sole purpose of paying medical expenses. The plans are known as HSA (Health Savings Account) plans . Employers may also make contributions to these funds and receive some payroll tax benefits.
  Guaranteed Coverage:
Provides you, an employee and/or dependent with guaranteed health insurance for existing medical conditions.
Tax Deductions For Employers:
All expenses an employer incurs related to health coverage are 100% tax deductible
How do you choose a group health insurance plan?
California Group Health Insurance choices are many and are offered in "tailored" packages from most of the major insurance companies. Your financial involvement can vary based upon your needs and interests. The best way to begin the process is to know the type of benefits you and your employees need. Small business group insurance plans are flexible and offer choices that address individual financial requirements as well as the medical coverage needs of both employee & employer.
What do you need to find out about your employees?
Are they already covered under a spouse's policy? Are their health priorities on preventive care, prescription coverage or coverage in case of emergencies?  
Do they require frequent medical care or do they seldom visit a doctor?    
Insurance Advisors is here to personally meet with you and identify and implement the carrier with the best California group health insurance plan for both you, the employer, and all of your employees.

Companies with employees are now able to offer benefits that are competitive with the larger companies. You can keep great employees and attract new talent to your small business with a group health insurance plan tailored for you. If you have a California business, send us a list of all your employees. We will contact you with our group insurance recommendations. Click Here For Census/Quote Form


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